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Something wonderful happens when one turns off busy Highway 17 Bypass and passes through the distinctive entrance to the Indigo Creek development in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.  The seasonal flowers, the well-trimmed sod, the bright azaleas, the familiar crape myrtle trees, create a feeling of serenity and peace. All who enter share this sense of tranquility.  Whether you are here to play the challenging Indigo Creek golf course or you are returning home after a day at the beach or a simple shopping trip, these warming sights affect everyone in a very positive way. 
message conveyed is that you are most welcome to our community.

Developed in the early 1990's, Indigo Creek has grown to 601 homes.  More than simply developed acreage, this is a community of caring people. The homeowners consist of a wide span of ages, interests and backgrounds. They willingly volunteer their time and talents to area hospitals, churches and charitable establishments. In addition, the residents serve on various committees that enhance the quality of life here in Indigo Creek. The well-kept neighborhoods and gardens reflect a definite pride in our surroundings. Health walkers, bike riders, occasional joggers, and sun, sand and sea worshipers enjoy the safe roads and the swimming pool.

 As the old adage claims, life is good-
especially here in Indigo Creek. Feel free to learn more about us:
Indigo Creek Covenants   Pinckney Lane Covenants   Mulberry Park Covenants
By-Laws   Architectural Guidelines   Rules and Regulations

Welcome to INDIGO CREEK Golf Plantation!

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